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Financial Capability and Home Buyers Workshop: REGISTER HERE!

I Want to Buy a Home

NID-Housing Counseling Agencies offer First-Time Homebuyer Education workshops which holistically combines all aspects of pre-and post-purchase counseling in one program. Our homebuyer education program is designed to meet the needs of persons with little or no knowledge of the homebuying process and is formatted to equip every client with the information needed to make an informed home buying decision. The First Time Homebuyer certificate is issued at your individual counseling session. The objective of the individual counseling is to identify your personal housing goal and co-develop a plan of action with your housing counselor. The action plan will highlight steps for both you and your counselor to help you fulfill your housing goal.


This service is offered in both counseling and education formats and the following topics will be covered in-depth.

  • Advice regarding readiness and preparation for homeownership

  • Federal Housing Administration insured financing

  • Housing selection and mobility

  • Housing search assistance

  • Fair Housing

  • Fair lending and predatory lending

  • Budgeting and credit / Credit Score Questions

  • Loan product and feature comparison

  • Purchase procedures and closing costs

  • Money Management (does not include debt management programs)

  • Selecting a real estate agent

  • Home inspection

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